About Gingezel

When we first set up this Gingezel site, we did not have an About section. We wanted the site to just stand alone, to be a haven of quiet relaxing images for anyone who needed to spend some time that way.

Then we realized those exploring the site wanted to know who we were, and what the site is about. So, here goes.

We are a husband and wife team living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada so all of the mountains on the horizon in Don’s photos are the Canadian Rockies.

Judi is an artist, fabric designer, poet, sci-fi writer, and retired theoretical physicist. Most of her art now is digital, a fusion of mathematics and nature. Judi has been severely disabled since 1987 with viral induced CFIDS/ME.

Don is a photographer, software developer and founder of
Apps & More Software Design, co-author on the sci-fi, poet, and retired theoretical physicist. As part of being a team and sharing, Judi gave him the same virus in 1987 and he spent considerable time severely disabled as well.

So we both know what it is like to occasionally just need a break from it all, to relax and forget the world. That is what Gingezel is all about. We do not stray into suggesting wellness therapies. There are a multitude of trained therapists out there who can serve that role. Gingezel is simply an interlude.

Oh yes, why is the name Gingezel? Gingezel is the ultimate luxury resort planet in our sci-fi series, perfect for human habitation, respected, appreciated, and preserved. It was an escape, a sanctuary for our characters. So the name seems to fit with a mental holiday.

Judi Suni Hall, PhD at Gingezel

Crescent Bay on the planet Gingezel science fiction art by Gingeze.
Scene from the Planet Gingezel, Crescent Bay where the heroine Mitra and hero Dreen meet.

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