Welcome to Gingezel Mindscapes 2

Take time to relax for a few minutes and just enjoy. As with our first mindscapes site, this is what this site is about ...
Mist Muting haiga by gingezel

Hello greeting at the Gingezel Mindscapes 2 site.

It was time for a second mindscapes site. The original is so big it is unstable to add to the website. So, explore here while we are getting started then take the offsite link to the much much larger original mindscapes site.

We hope the poetry and art images add to the enjoyment of your day and contribute to a feeling of wellness and contentment, make you happy. Enjoy! The material is carefully edited ~ the stressful issues of life are left to other sites. What there is here is a mix of beauty and humor. You may find some of the art works for meditation for you.

LEGAL NOTICE: Ainsley CW posting photography at Instagram and related sites as @gingezel is not related to Gingezel™ Inc.